Integrated Problems Radiology: Introduction

These images are available for optional review after completion of cases in tutorial. Please do NOT look at these images until the case is completed, unless instructed by your tutor!

You will be given access to the original images and reports during the case from Blackboard, along with information about the American College of Radiology (ACR) Appropriateness Criteria, which are a freely available online resource to assist in selecting the most appropriate imaging for common clinical scenarios.

Images on this site include copies of radiology reports, ACR Appropriateness Criteria links and explanations of findings, and are available for students who wish to learn more about a topic.

This site also includes more general information about imaging of various types, and how to begin looking at the commonest images in a systematic and logical manner. If you are struggling with the images shown during cases, you might want to click the "General Resources" link below to help you get started.

Cases are organized into current and past cases. Feel free to explore past cases for additional examples of imaging studies. Cases for the current academic year are organized by presenting symptom.