Integrated Problems Radiology: General Imaging Resources

These resources are intended to help you get starting in looking at some of the common imaging modalities. The most important general rule is to be systematic.

The Radiology Introduction reviews different types of imaging that are commonly used by organ system, and introduces the concept of 'Appropriateness' of imaging, which takes into account sensitivity, specificity and risks to patients.

With the help of a 2nd year BU student (Nick Smith, class of 2016) a set of images has been added called "Read a CXR like a 2nd year". In fact, clinicians at different levels of training and expertise DO approach images in very different ways. You might find this section useful to get a better idea of how to begin looking at images.

The CXR button will take you to a set of practice chest radiographs of some common abnormalities that you can use to test your ability to apply your new skills.

The Pneumonia button will take you to a set of CXRs showing pneumonia involving different parts of the lung, since this is a very common clinical scenario.

Radiology Introduction Read a CXR like a