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Tufts Anatomy Yr-1


This site presents images for review prior to the interactive radiology-anatomy sessions for the 1st-year Anatomy course at Tufts University School of Medicine. You will get more out of the interactive classroom sessions if you have reviewed these images before coming to class.

Please review the short slide show above at any time prior to the first interactive session. Click on the Overview button above to review basic technical information about the types of studies we will be discussing. The entire review should take about 40 minutes.

The Introduction section above includes a brief review of terminology to help you get oriented just prior to the first interactive session with short lists of terms. Once you have reviewed this, select a topic area from the buttons above. You should spend under an hour reviewing the Introduction and all images before coming to class.

A link to additional explanatory information and followup cases is available here and at the end of each case. You are NOT expected to review these materials before class. This information is available to you for review and reference after the classroom sessions.