PA Anatomy

chestneck1 abdomen2 pelvis2 limbs2 brain2

This site contains images intended for you to review PRIOR to the Radiology interactive sessions for the BU Anatomy course. Please look at the topic area for each lecture before coming to class. These cases are intended to illustrate the importance of anatomic knowledge in actual clinical situations. Each case will use radiology to demonstrate living anatomy. Questions will be posed for you to consider, and answers will be discussed in class. Each topic area should take no more than 30-45 minutes to review prior to class. Please come to class prepared to discuss all of the cases.

The button at the bottom of the page links to a general Overview of the types of imaging that will be discussed in the course. Please review this set of images BEFORE the first imaging session. You can use this information for reference for any questions regarding technical factors as you review images for other sessions.