Introduction to Radiology:

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Everyday objects


To give you a flavor of what it is like to read x-rays and CT scans, you will get a chance to use computers in a special training area at Boston Medical Center, located in the Breast Imaging department. Please remember that this is an area where patients are having studies done nearby, or are waiting for exams. Keep your voices down and be respectful as you are passing through the area, as well as when you are visiting other parts of the department.

The computers in the training area are set up to be similar to the actual computers used by radiologists when interpreting studies. We have loaded a number of x-ray and CT images of everyday objects onto the computers, so that you can try your hand at identifying them. You are doing tasks that are very much analagous to what a radiologist does when looking at images from patients.

Below is an example of some objects shown in two different types of images-see if you can identify what the objects are and what the two types of imaging are: