Indications per 2014 ACR Practice Parameter and  2016 ACR Appropriateness Criteria (Adapted)

1.     Screening: BRCA mutation/other genetic syndrome, h/o chest irradiation between ages 10-30, h/o breast cancer or LN, s/p breast augmentation + unable to tolerate MG

2.     Extent of disease: Invasive carcinoma or DCIS (1-time bilat MR), pre-op planning (response to neoadjuvant chemo, tumor relationship to deep fascia/muscle), +margins after BCS

3.     Additional evaluation: Suspicion for recurrent breast cancer when mammogram and US inconclusive or s/p flap reconstruction, metastatic cancer with unknown primary, lesion characterization when imaging inconclusive and unable to biopsy, MRI-guided biopsy of lesions only visible on MRI